Unmatched Experience

Saxton Trading Proprietary Ltd, trading as KDG Auto Export, has been successfully operating in the Southern African region for the past 20 years. We commenced our operations in the early 2000s from our Head Office in Durban, South Africa which is widely known to be one of the main port cities of the country. Our core business is the importing and re-exporting of carefully-used, well-maintained second hand or used motor vehicles from different parts of the world, primarily from Japan and also from other countries such as Singapore, Thailand, England, and Australia.

The vehicles are transported via sea and stored in a specialized bonded warehouse in Durban before being re-exported to other African countries including Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia, and Congo. All vehicles are carefully transported through one of the most reputed car carrier companies in the region. We possess two large vehicle yards in South Africa, located in Durban and Beitbridge. The Durban yard can hold up to 1,000 vehicles while the Beitbridge yard, which is close to the Zimbabwe border, can hold up to 250 vehicles. We have ample capacity to fulfil bulk orders and therefore easily meet the requirements of any government or private organization requiring a large number of vehicles.

Pioneers in the Industry

Our Co-Founder revolutionized the industry by introducing a new business model where vehicles were imported to South Africa, stored at the bonded warehouses and then re-exported to neighboring countries. As pioneers in the field, we were able to rapidly build a strong brand and we are very popular and highly regarded in many of the Southern African countries as a result of our professionalism, reliability, on-time delivery and commitment to excellence. The confidence shown by our customers in our ability to deliver is demonstrated by the fact that they are ready to make advance payments and wait patiently for us to deliver their vehicles knowing that we will always fulfill our promises and deliver to them on time.

Professional Sales Team

KDG Auto Export Sales Team comprises top professionals who have several years of experience in auto industry sales. Most of our Salesmen have been with us for several years and gained vast knowledge about every aspect of the industry. One of the key advantages is that most of the salesmen originate from neighboring countries

Highly-Reliable Suppliers

Our main supplier is considered a highly-experienced player in the second hand or used car industry in Japan and in certain other parts of the world. They possess in-depth knowledge of the African vehicle market and are therefore able to deliver exactly what is required by the market based on our insights and guidance.

Commitment to quality

We always strive to maintain the highest quality standards by looking into every detail of the vehicle, especially the mechanical elements. Vehicles are only passed for purchase if they pass our stringent quality inspections. Additionally, all vehicles are sold to the customer in its original condition and there are no alterations made at any point, especially the car’s odometers or the mileage

Happy Customers

We are ready to serve all types of customers and meet their every requirement. These customers include dealers, brokers or middlemen as well as end customers. Our professional Customer Service Team goes out of their way to ensure that all the needs of the customers are met. We strongly believe in maintaining open communication with customers and as a result, they have easy access to the Sales Manager

Special vehicle requests

If a customer makes a request for a special vehicle that is not listed on our website, our team is ready to go the extra mile to find the necessary vehicle and deliver it to the customer

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