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KDG Auto Exports Southern Africa (Durban and Beitbridge) provides bonded storage facility and Logistics solution to its Pricipal Autoranch Motors (ARM) and is the Sole Agent of Auto Ranch Motors. Autoranch Motors trades in Japanese , Chinese and UK vehicles and is one of the largest independent exporters of new and used vehicles worldwide. In addition, In order to broaden the total vehicles solutions that ARM presents to its clients, ARM is now a representative of JAC, Golden Dragon, Jinbei, and FAW in many African countries. This strategic partnership with China’s foremost vehicle manufacturers ensures that ARM is able to satisfy just about any request a client may have more especially relating to transport of goods and commuters.

We Collaborative.

At present, KDG Auto Exports delivers cars mainly into the following markets: Zambia, Mozambique, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, DRC, Malawi, Zimbabwe, etc.

Bonded Facility.

KDG has bonded facilities with approval to store in Excess of 1000 units in Durban and Beitbridge and is committed to serving its Pricipals requirements to the highest level at all times.

We’re Socially Responsible.

Autoranch Motors, UAE, sources high quality vehicles from all over the world so come to us for all your new and used vehicle requirements. Furthermore, our vehicle carriers utilize stringent safety standards to ensure all vehicles are transported with utmost care.

We’re Progressive.

Our Distribution network includes both private buyers and Dealers throughout the Southern and Central Regions of Africa.

KDG Auto Exports

KDG Auto Logistcs provides specialized vehicle transporting solutions for motor vehicles, dealers, private companies and individuals throughout Southern Africa. KDG’s fleet of modern carriers are capable of transporting your dream vehicle across the country and borders. We pride ourselves in high quality service, using high skill staff and providing personal attention on your dream vehicle being transported. Our team is firmly committed to ensure all safety aspects are taken care of and that any chances of damages that can occur are minimised. In order to provide high level security during the delivery process we have an in house tracking team that monitors our fleet regularly. We specialize in transporting large heavy trucks, equipment and abnormal loads across Southern Africa and within South Africa, with Beitbridge, Livingstone, Lusaka , Oshikango and Gabrone being our popular destinations. We also provide end to end solutions for private or commercial imports which includes clearing , forwarding and transporting right up to your door step. With over a decade of experience in the motor industry you can trust KDG’s professional set up to give you an all in solution to all your logistic requirements.

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